Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI is Finally Open for All ChatGPT

Microsoft has finally finished its long waitlist and the Bing GPT-4 will be available for all users starting today

In recent news, Microsoft has announced the exciting development that it will be opening up its Bing GPT-4 chat feature to all users from today onwards. Previously, those attempting to utilize the GPT-4 powered Bing chat had to endure a lengthy waiting period. However, this waitlist has now been abolished, allowing for more widespread usage of this innovative feature.

The Bing GPT-4 Chat was initially launched in February of this year, but only a select few users were granted access to it. Those who were unable to access the feature were instead placed on a waiting list, which has since been eliminated. Bing’s GPT-4 Chat is a chatbot feature that is powered by Open AI’s newest AI model, the GPT-4. This model has been developed to be more advanced and precise than its predecessors, and will soon be integrated with a range of new AI features.

According to sources such as The Verge, these new features will include the provision of image and video results, as well as several new Bing and Edge action features. Additionally, the chat will feature persistent chat capabilities, along with plug-in support.

This plug-in support feature is significant, as it lays the groundwork for the future of Bing Chat, and presents a range of new opportunities for developers to increase the functionality and use cases of the chatbot. Microsoft has already begun working with OpenTable to enable a plug-in that will facilitate restaurant bookings within Bing Chat.

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It is rumored that Microsoft will reveal further details about its plug-in support at the upcoming Build Conference, which is scheduled to take place later this month. The future of Bing Chat certainly looks bright, with these new features and developments paving the way for more advanced and sophisticated AI chatbot capabilities.