KoodousFinder – A Simple Tool To Allows Users To Search For And Analyze Android Apps For Potential Security Threats And Vulnerabilities

A simple tool to allows users to search for and

Modifiers for advanced search

Attribute Modifier Description
Hash hash: Performs the search depending on the automatically inserted hash. The admitted hashes are sha1, sha256 and md5.
App name app: Searches for the specified app name. If it is a compound name, it can be searched enclosed in quotes, for example: app: “Whatsapp premium”.
Package name. package: Searches the package name to see if it contains the indicated string, for example: package: com.whatsapp.
Name of the developer or company. developer: Searches whether the company or developer field includes the indicated string, for example: developer: “WhatsApp Inc.”.
Certificate certificate: Searches the apps by their certificate. For example: cert: 60BBF1896747E313B240EE2A54679BB0CE4A5023 or certificate: 38A0F7D505FE18FEC64FBF343ECAAAF310DBD799.

More information: https://docs.koodous.com/apks.html.

  • Discord Integration
  • Rulesets view
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