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Apple Will Use More AI in Future Products: Tim Cook

Speaking at the Apple Q2 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said that his company is interested to join in the AI industry and explore its potential

The generative AI industry has been dominated by tech giants such as Google and Microsoft who have been fiercely competing with each other. However, Apple has been taking a more laid-back approach and has been slow to adapt to this new technological era. Nevertheless, Apple recently announced its interest in exploring the potential of AI and integrating it into its future products.

During the Apple Q2 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the company’s eagerness to delve into the realm of AI and include it in its upcoming products. This announcement has sparked excitement amongst Apple users who can expect their future devices to feature some trendy AI capabilities, such as an Apple chatbot or an AI camera feature.

However, Cook also emphasized the importance of caution when it comes to AI technology. The rapid pace of AI development has raised a lot of questions about its potential risks, particularly from influential individuals who were actively involved in building AI technology. Geoffrey Hinton, a former Google employee and a well-known figure in the AI community, has been protesting against the technology due to its potential dangers.

Taking into consideration the risks associated with AI technology, Cook emphasized the need to sort out specific issues before releasing AI technology on a massive scale. Although Apple already has two AI features in its devices, namely crash detection and heart monitoring, the release of future AI features will be done on a very thoughtful basis.

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It remains to be seen what specific AI features will be included in future Apple devices. However, one thing is certain – the incorporation of AI technology into Apple’s products will be done cautiously and thoughtfully, taking into consideration the potential risks and benefits of this new technological era.